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Social Adaptation

Social Adaptation


  • To provided legislative information about the culture of the city.

  • To develop communication network between local people and immigrants.

  • To provide legislative information about legal duties and responsibilities of immigrants.

  • To determine qualified individuals in the spheres like art, culture and sport and to direct yhem to the relevant institutions.

  • To develop regional project and to propagate good application examples.

  • To announce developed projects related to public institutions, to provide information, to evaluate incoming demands.


  Düzce Hakkında Düzce Haritası


  • Fevzi Çakmak Mah. Eski Bolu Cad. Kalıcı İşyerleri C Blok, Merkez - DÜZCE
  • 0 380 524 13 79
  • 0 380 524 13 79
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